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Do you need Brand Therapy? Take the test.
Brand Therapy Workshop Information Coming Soon. Winter 2018

Ask yourself the following questions:
• Do you have difficulty being heard by clients?
• Do you feel like a vendor, rather than a strategic partner?
• Does it seem like the client doesn’t fully trust your expertise or ignores your advice?
• Is it hard to get and keep your clients’ attention?
• Do you need practical tips on getting buy-in?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you need Brand Therapy.

Who: The Brand Therapy Workshop is designed for those in the creative industry — advertising and creative firm principals, freelancers, and internal creative teams, as well as senior-level creatives and managers. (or anyone who is, you know, human).

What: A highly beneficial workshop jam-packed with valuable tips and insights to sharpen your skills, engage your clients more deeply, get buy-in, manage expectations, and ultimately deliver more impactful results.

Where: The workshop consists of 4 hour-long group calls — perfect for those who need professional development, but can’t take time out for travel.

How much: $497 for an individual or invite a friend or colleague and get a discount, $399 each.

When: Next session information coming soon. Fall 2016


Workshop Options

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Why you need this workshop

“The Brand Therapy Workshop was just what I needed after struggling with my in-house team for 2 years. Cathy generously shared her expertise from a place of authenticity, excitement and raw, honest passion for her craft. Her enthusiasm for the industry and for delivering excellent quality work is not only inspiring but contagious! I’d recommend this workshop to any creative professional I know.” — Natalie

As communicators and creative people, we have a fundamental need to be heard and understood — and to ensure our clients feel the same way. We are all bombarded daily with information from a dizzying array of channels: email, instant messenger, text, Skype, social media — and so on.

How do we cut through this informational clutter to make ourselves and our clients heard and understood? How can we truly know what our clients need and want, and deliver it to them in a way that will delight them (and keep them coming back)? For the answers, we go back to basics.

The format
Here’s what we’ll cover in each call:

Call 1: Project planning for Success
• How set up expectations with clients so everyone is on the same page
• How to get buy in on a project from the higher ups in the organization
• Setting up scope and timelines and managing them so everyone delivers on their part
• Proven steps to educate your clients on process

Call 2: How to communicate with clients so they truly listen
• How to pitch and position your company to ensure an engaging and memorable experience
• Best practice techniques to become a more confident presenter
• What to include to make your presentations more impactful
• How to communicate with your clients throughout the project to build strong relationships and produce work that gets attention — and results

Call 3: Presenting creative work for easy buy-in
• How to use psychology in an honest way to get creative buy in
• The ideal amount of creative to present
• How to read the personalities in the room and adjust your presentation to fit
• How to course-correct when a presentation goes off the rails
• Developing a backup-plan when presenting creative

Call 4: Dealing with tough personalities
• How to deal with large egos and ‘know-it-all’ clients who don’t understand or appreciate good design
• How to prevent excessive design iterations
• How to get a good brief with solid objectives
• How to get your client to organize content before passing it on to you
• How to get clients to objectively assess design, rather than rely on their personal taste

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