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30 Days of LOVE

A 30-day challenge to get people to think about and spread love beyond Valentine’s day.

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Challenging ourselves to spread and celebrate love, today and every day.

With today’s divisive discourse we felt that we had lost our way as intelligent, rational beings. To put it plainly, we had lost love for one another. In response, we created 30 Days of Love, a daily challenge that began, fittingly, on Valentine’s Day to help people spread love through small acts of kindness.


Things were feeling kind of dark, both in society and in the midst of our Midwestern winter. We wanted to spread some love and light into the world, but how? As is, people were becoming more and more untrusting of one another. We knew we needed to do something that helped people make small, yet meaningful changes in their behavior that injected joy and positivity all around them.


Since Valentine’s Day was close at-hand, we knew that was a good place to start. But we also knew we didn’t want to do something for just one day. Afterall, kindness begets kindness, and the more we expressed love and gratitude, the more it would spread. To that end, we created a 30-day calendar that challenged people to spread love for a month. We provided two practical suggestions each day, inspiring users to pick one and follow through. To accompany our calendar, we started social media accounts that mirrored our suggestions and asked people to join our love crusade.


The reactions of those who received our calendars filled our hearts. We got emails and texts that proved this love idea was worth the little time and effort to implement. We also got requests for the calendar from people who saw it on social media. We even got a couple of lunch invites on the day it was suggested to treat a friend you hadn’t seen in a while to lunch. It was such a fun and unusual campaign that our Instagram page is still getting new followers almost every day.


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Strategy, Creative Direction & Design: Cathy Solarana
Strategy & Copywriting: Neveen Hegab