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Quincy Garage Bicycle Club

Branding and cycling jersey design for a group of avid bike racers.

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A bicycle club that celebrates family history, including its own gas station.

A hardy bunch of bicycle racers that just happen to be family wanted to up their game by creating an official team. They decided to name it after the family-owned gas station that was in operation for over 40 years located in Quincy, Ohio.


It’s not that uncommon for a family to share a hobby. But not every pastime involves matching uniforms.

The Turner family has enjoyed cycling for many years, and they’ve even started to participate together in three or four national races each year. They recently decided to name their club “Quincy Garage Bicycle Club,” after the fill station that had been in their family for decades in Quincy, Ohio. 

To unite the team and family even further, they wanted a logo to help make it official — and cycling race uniforms that could bring it all to life.


Since wheels unite the gas station history and the hobby of the club, that became a pivotal part of the logo. We drew even further on the aesthetics of the gas station to build out a lively look. A pump decorates the back of the jersey. “Bill,” the name of the club founder’s father and the owner of the gas station, is emblazoned on the sleeve in the style of the name patch Bill always wore stitched onto his shirts. Even the Quincy ZIP code is included in the old style of displaying fuel prices.

Bright, bold colors make things feel more modern. And a subtle background pattern of bicycle chains ties the piece back to cycling.


The team assembled in matching uniforms for the 2019 Five Boro Bike Tour — riding 40 miles through the boroughs of New York City. 

We wish them luck as they continue to race around the country.


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Strategy, Creative Direction & Design: Cathy Solarana