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Playful and bright illustrations bring joy to a truck wrap design for the Omaha Public Library’s first ever mobile library.

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A Library on the move, here, there, and everywhere.

I remember the bookmobile visiting our neighborhood once a month during the summer when I was a kid. I got so excited and loved picking out my books. I can’t stress how honored I am that I had the chance to work with the Omaha Public Library (OPL) to give others that opportunity.


The accessibility of all books, reading materials and resources has never been more important. People in underserved communities in Omaha and other cities can find it difficult to access library branches near them.

To expand their reach in the community, the Omaha Public Library, and the city of Omaha prioritized access to the library’s collections and resources with the purchase of their first ever pop-up library, affectionately named “Poppy.”


Wheelhouse was tasked with designing the truck wrap for Poppy, and we created images that reflected the diversity of the OPL members and their unique needs: young and old, new technology and old school, and different cultures and abilities. The idea was for the public to see a part of themselves in the illustrations and imagine the books, games, and technology they’d choose.

The end goal: to brighten up the roads and neighborhoods she visits, put a smile on everyone’s face, and let them know that the library is here, there, and everywhere.


A library on the go, that expands the reach of OPL to all corners of the city, filled with collections and resources inside and out. There are screens for presentations and Poppy even has Wi-Fi (which is sorely missing in some areas), a microphone and speaker system, that are all powered by solar panels on the roof of the truck. Whaaaat?!

Wheelhouse’s collaboration with the Omaha Public Library is bright and fun and I hope it brings joy as you see it around town – you know there’s good stuff inside! So, whether you’re at a community event or in your neighborhood, the library will be there.

Keep an eye out for her and let us know when you catch a glimpse.


branding, illustration, creative direction, truck wrap design


Strategy, Creative Direction, Design & Illustration: Cathy Solarana