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Public Health Offices

Online executions that provided local public health offices with vital sex education information for residents. Third of three Planned Parenthood North Central States projects.

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Health Information without the dry, scary bits.

Helping public health offices speak to parents and teens in a more human way.

Mills County Public Health office and Siouxland District Health Department provide invaluable free services, advice and information about a variety of topics to all residents. Some of the topics include adolescent health and STD information. But, like the majority of public health offices across the country, their resources are stretched thin.

Planned Parenthood North Central States (PPNCS) wanted to ensure that residents in all communities had access to important teen health information. PPNCS had received a five-year grant from the government for a Teen Pregnancy Prevention initiative and had teamed up with Wheelhouse Collective to come up with a way to share their wealth of knowledge and information with teens, parents and public health offices. After concepting an online hub that would contain sections tailor-made for the different audiences, the political climate changed and the grant was pulled, leaving PPNCS to come up with a solution using the money they had already received.

The team at Wheelhouse immediately changed strategies to work within the monetary confines faced by PPNCS. Wheelhouse interviewed the directors at Mills County Public Health and Siouxland District Health department to figure out what materials they would need to best serve their capabilities and their communities. We learned that digital was the way to go for them, so we created informative, friendly web pages to include on their respective websites, and stylized animated GIFs that speak to the different topics they want to cover.

Web Pages

We designed web pages that speak “parent” and “teen”, allowing our different audiences to make sense of the information.

Animated GIFs

Fun and visually interesting animated GIFs deliver powerful messages in a non-judgemental and informative way.

This is the third of three Planned Parenthood North Central States projects. You can read about the main project here.


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Strategy, Creative Direction & Design: Cathy Solarana
Strategy, Creative Direction & Copywriting: Neveen Hegab
Account Planning & Research: Diane Krajeck
Digital Media Strategy & Research: Valerie Jones