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Local Education Training

Materials for education training by local nonprofits that teach parents and teens to speak the same language. Second of three Planned Parenthood North Central States projects.

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Turns out, teens really do want to talk to their parents about sex.

Creating materials for local education training.

It’s a myth that teens don’t want to talk about sex with their parents  — a myth that, we suspect, was started by parents and still believed to this day. Planned Parenthood North Central States (PPNCS) knows all too well (and has the numbers to back it) that teens abstain from having sex when they’re able to openly talk about it with their parents.

When PPNCS received a five-year grant from the government for a Teen Pregnancy Prevention initiative, they teamed up with Wheelhouse Collective to come up with a way to share their wealth of knowledge and information with teens, parents and partners. After concepting an online hub that would contain sections tailor-made for the different audiences, the political climate changed and the grant was pulled, leaving PPNCS to figure out a solution with the money they had already received.

As agile problem-solvers, the team at Wheelhouse changed the strategy to accommodate the new circumstances. Wheelhouse worked closely with PPNCS and it’s partners to conduct research that honed in on the right messaging and executions. What we learned was that we could use the money to create quite a few self-sustaining mini projects that local nonprofits could use to connect with parents and teens and help them communicate.

Families Talking Together Educational Sessions

For this program, which offers one-on-one and group sessions for parents, we developed a web page that was housed on Planned Parenthood North Central States’ website, along with flyers and small brochures in both english and spanish that were available to community non-profits who provide this program.

Safe Sex Initiative

How do you get teens to think about their health and the health of their partners when they decide to get intimate? Provide them with helpful, positive information and access to a professional who can answer all of their questions. We created palm cards for health providers to hand out to those they feel might participate in risky behavior.

This is the second of three Planned Parenthood North Central States projects. You can read about the main project here.


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