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We’re Voting

A campaign designed to highlight the issues, present a point of view and, hopefully, bring us together during contentious times.

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We’re voting for more than individuals.


If we can all agree on one thing, it’s that this was one of the most heated and hostile elections in our nation’s history, where lines were drawn, tempers flared out of control and the mere glimpse of a yard sign incited all-consuming rage.

We became too focused on the drama rather than the issues, which are the main reasons we vote in the first place. The things we cared about were getting drowned out by all of the shouting, finger-pointing, misdirection and misinformation.

We needed to find common ground, talk to each other like human beings and, more importantly, vote.


We created a social media campaign that solely focused on not just the issues, but the soul of the issues. There would be no mention of party affiliations or who’s wrong and who’s right — just the things that we care about the most, that we want to see become ingrained in the very fiber of our country.

We asked the question, “What are you voting for?” because we truly wanted to know. We wanted to kick-start rational, respectful conversations and find common ground. More importantly, we wanted people to get out and vote, no matter for whom they voted.

We even turned a few of the posts into window signs that drew the attention of our neighbors. A few of them actually approached us and asked if they can have a few for their homes. It was great to see that our message of hope and betterment of our country was received.

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research, campaign strategy, design, copywriting, art direction, social media


Strategy, Creative Direction & Design: Cathy Solarana
Strategy & Copywriting: Neveen Hegab