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Teen healthcare and hygiene

Created materials for nonprofits to help them speak to teens on their terms. First of three Planned Parenthood North Central States projects.

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Ew, why is my body so weird.

Arming Nonprofits with various ways to speak to teens about health and hygiene.

Helping teens navigate the awkward space between child and adult is tricky. In this phase of their lives, teens are moody, skeptical and confused. Thankfully there are nonprofits in Omaha and surrounding areas that focus on teen health and are addressing teens’ questions and concerns in a non-judgy way.

One of the ways a couple of area nonprofits reach teens is through a Teen Health Fair that allows young adults to come, hang out, ask questions, feel respected and learn about their bodies. Sadly, the majority of nonprofits don’t have money to put together their own Teen Health Fair or even know how to get one off the ground. Wheelhouse Collective, through its partnership with Planned Parenthood North Central States (PPNCS), stepped in to help. Since PPNCS lost it’s initial five-year grant funding, we used the money they had already received to create a Teen Health Fair Launch Kit, which included an event checklist, invites, fundraising packet, signage, swag and flyers, among many things. The kit was housed online and could be scaled as needed.

Wheelhouse also created a month’s worth of social media content, complete with imagery, that became a template for nonprofits to use and run with, reaching their audiences on popular platforms. Along with the template, Wheelhouse held a Social Media training session that covered the basics and best practices. 

In the end, nonprofits were appreciative of the materials they received, feeling ready to reach teens and speak to them on their terms.

This is the first of three Planned Parenthood North Central States projects. You can read about the main project here.


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Strategy, Creative Direction & Design: Cathy Solarana
Strategy, Creative Direction & Copywriting: Neveen Hegab
Account Planning & Research: Diane Krajeck
Digital Media Strategy & Research: Valerie Jones