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Planned Parenthood North Central States

A Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative that became multiple impactful projects for local nonprofits and public health offices.

Let’s talk sex. (Once you’re done blushing.)


For better or worse, everyone has heard of Planned Parenthood, which means any piece of communication from them is already prejudged by some. 

When Planned Parenthood North Central States (PPNCS) received a five-year grant to launch and maintain a Teen Pregnancy Prevention initiative, they knew this was a much bigger undertaking than developing brochures and holding informational sessions. They recognized that two crucial elements were necessary for the successful creation and rollout of the initiative: conducting research and partnering with a smart, agile agency.  

That’s when they reached out to Wheelhouse Collective for their creative approach to problem-solving and extensive experience in research, digital strategy, design and copywriting.


Wheelhouse Collective kicked things off with several meetings with the PPNCS to go over the project, talk through possibilities, get information to initiate research and create an action plan. Since PPNCS already had a lot of valuable information to offer teens, parents and other non-profits focusing on family and reproductive health, it made sense to create an online hub where all of the information could be housed in an organized and accessible fashion.

And just like that, the political climate changed and PPNCS’s grant was pulled. The money they had already received from the state was the dollar amount they had to spend, which meant scrapping the online hub and starting over. But our needs remained the same: to get valuable teen pregnancy prevention information in the hands of those who need it. We had to pivot our strategy and fast. 

Through our research, we determined that local nonprofits and public health offices wanted to offer teen pregnancy prevention guidance but didn’t have the means to create the necessary pieces needed to reach people within their communities. Armed with this new insight, we worked closely with many organizations to come up with executions that met their specific needs. 

The work, which you can view by clicking the links below, was divided into three categories:
Teen healthcare and hygiene
Local Education Training
Public Health Offices

We created print pieces in both English and Spanish for local youth and healthcare organizations. Small palm-sized communications outlining birth control options were given to local high schools and distributed at events to be handed out discreetly. We also created what we called “Teen Health Fair in a Box”, which contained energetic, teen-focused materials to be replicated and handed out at community health fairs, and lastly, web pages for public health offices were created to add to their websites.


Local nonprofits and health offices were thrilled to have crucial materials on hand that were accessible to teens and their parents.


research, campaign strategy, brand creation, copywriting, design, print collateral, web, digital, environmental graphics, creative consultation


Strategy, Creative Direction & Design: Cathy Solarana
Strategy, Creative Direction & Copywriting: Neveen Hegab
Account Planning & Research: Diane Krajeck
Digital Media Strategy & Research: Valerie Jones