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The love challenge is over. Now what?

It’s true, our 30 Days of  Love Challenge has come to an end and you guys have been amazing. You’ve been considerate to family members, kind to strangers, available to friends, gentle on the planets and generous to cute furry four-legged creatures. You are love ninjas, each one of you. But we are not here to say goodbye. Far from it. We’re here to say, let’s keep this love crusade going for the rest of the year. Heck, for the rest of our lives.

Here are some links to keep you motivated and help you land on a few more ways throw some love into the world.


Takeout delivery service

CPR classes


Bird feeder and feed

Yelp review for restaurant

Linkedin review for colleague


Print out photos


Movie tickets

Online pet store

Pet Shelter

Herbs online

Plant a butterfly garden

Plant a bee garden

Native plants

Non profits

Family getaway and connections


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