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30 Days of Love

Where’s the love people?
Why does it get one measly 24-hour period that’s dedicated to sappy drugstore cards, overpriced flowers and underwhelming heart-shaped chocolates? What about the love expressed through small acts of kindness and generosity — behavior that defines our humanity and makes us better people?

It’s love that connects us to each other and the greater world. It blossoms when we perform selfless deeds like holding the door for someone, being generous with words of encouragement and giving others our full attention. That’s the kind of love that makes the world go around.

Love should be celebrated 365 days a year. But we all need to start somewhere, so let’s start here: a challenge to spread love for 30 days straight. 

We’ve mailed a 30-day calendar full of suggestions to some of our friends to help them get the ball rolling. We’re excited to see what they come up with to further their personal love crusade. We’re also posting daily love ideas on our Instagram feed and Facebook page, so make sure to follow along. Help us inspire others to join the challenge by posting photos with #L30VE. 

Let’s get love going.
If you’d like to receive our calendar, leave a comment and we’ll happily send one your way.



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