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A unique trip to the packaging print facility for Blue Planet Natural Grillers

It was a Monday morning. I remember because Speciality Finishing made me wear a hairnet. I have been on countless press checks, but this was a first time I’d been required to wear such a stunning headpiece. The printer also gave me a white lab coat to complete the outfit and made sure all jewelry was turned in at the door. Okay, but why, you ask?

Because Blue Planet Natural Grillers has launched a new line of vegan burgers, that’s why! Designing packaging for food is a completely different animal. Most notably, the FDA is involved, and while we know they have rules about the food itself, it’s been interesting to learn that these regulations begin to protect the consumer long before an edible morsel even comes into the picture.IMG_2246

Blue Planet Natural Grillers  |  New vegan burger packaging

Let me back up a few steps. The very talented people at Blue Planet Natural Grill made a smart decision to make three of their best tasting and most popular menu items available to heat up right at home. Expanding on the branding we had already done for the restaurant, we created a line of packaging for three vegan burgers. We commissioned the wonderful Bill Sitzman to photograph the burgers and capture every delicious detail. We paired the new images with an expanded color palette and used graphic elements to differentiate between the three different burgers. It was a blast.

Which brings us back around. It’s a very specialized process to print packaging that will be used for food. Special papers, everything kept at a certain temperatures, and of course, lab coats and hairnets. It was completely worth it to see the boxes come off the press ready to hold those delicious burgers that will be coming soon to a HyVee near you. It was a fun afternoon and incredibly satisfying to come back to the studio with an armful of Blue Planet Naturals boxes that we can hold in our hands and show off to all of you.

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Blue Planet Natural Grillers  packaging on press at Speciality Printing, Omaha NE


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