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A brand refresh project for writer Daphne Eck

Our fellow collaborator and resident brilliant word smith, Daphne Eck let us know that she was ready to rebrand—we were thrilled and couldn’t wait to get started. Daphne’s commitment to her clients and her craft have always inspired us and besides that, we love working with her.


Daphne is a brand writer, thinker and content strategist. Her specialty is helping businesses and organizations find their unique voice and connect with their audiences.

The goal was to create a brand that truly reflected the way she approaches her work. Daphne wanted her brand to facilitate the connection she has with her clients in both the corporate and nonprofit worlds, and to also resonate with likeminded creative agencies that might want to partner with her.


We had great background on her process and that let us really explore and discover key elements that would visually tell her story. The tone for the new brand was derived from Daphne’s passion of found objects in nature and her love for minimalist design. We established an earthy palette, created a refined geometric logotype of her name and developed a background pattern based on some of those letters.

We concluded that her communication pieces should match the hand-crafted experience she delivers. So we used letterpress for her business cards and note cards to provide just the right impression and reflect her high standards and customized work.

Daphne Eck interactive media_1

For the website, a clear content strategy was developed and the design highlighted thoughtful images with subtle graphic elements. A sample writing feature was added to certain projects to give the reader a sense of Daphne’s writing style.

Daphne Eck interactive media_2

Daphne Eck interactive media_4

In the end, her brand reflects the great attention to detail and refinement, establishing Daphne’s extensive experience, her commitment to the craft of writing and the insightful way she works. All that’s left to do is hire her.

Collaborating with such a great friend and talented colleague made us fall in love with design even more. Daphne’s lighthearted nature paired with a wicked sense of humor and style made for one dream project. Not to mention, we also got to put our heads together with the brilliant web developer, Cody Peterson.

Learn more about the entire project on Daphne’s case study page.

Strategy, Creative Direction and Design: Cathy Solarana
Writing and Strategy: Daphne Eck
Web Development: Cody Peterson


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