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AIGA Nebraska’s The SHOW—Time to Celebrate!


AIGA Le Show 21  |  Call for Entries

It’s time to celebrate! Working on great projects with exceptional creatives is ALWAYS the goal. And we got to celebrate another successful collaboration at this year’s AIGA Nebraska annual design competition, The Show 22.

The identity we created for 2102’s “Le Show 21” won Gold and Judges Choice! Congrats to the incredibly talented team and the great work we did together last year. Shout out to Cheryl Dyer for her brilliant lettering skills and making the photo booth so much fun, Chris Kelly for his charming illustrations all done in just a few days and Daphne Eck for the eloquent copywriting and for completing the thought, with the perfect bikes for the entrance and photo booth.

Congratulations all around, it was a blast working with all of you. Great work team!

Be sure to check out more of our great project at: AIGA Nebraska—Le Show 21


AIGA Le Show 21  |  Chalk wall and perfect accessories, photo booth back drop

Le-show-chalk backgound Daphne, Cheryl, Cathy

AIGA Le Show 21  |  The team, minus Chris. left to right: Daphne, Cheryl and Cathy


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