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Blue Planet Natural Grillers—In Stores Now

We are so excited to let you know, that the best tasting frozen vegan burgers are ready for you to pick up at HyVee grocery stores in Omaha and Lincoln. And we made it into Whole Foods in Omaha as well.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we partnered with the very talented people at Blue Planet Natural Grill to expand upon the branding we had already done for the restaurant. This project was to create a line of packaging for three vegan burgers. BPNG took three of their best tasting and most popular menu items and made them available to heat up right at home.


Working with the always innovative chef and Director of Operations at BPNG, DanTweedy, he created the burgers that we then styled and photographed as they came out of the kitchen. We were so lucky to parter with Bill Sitzman on this project. His ability to make your mouth water with every photograph, was the exact reason we wanted to work with him. He did just that and the burgers capture every delicious detail. Paring the new images with an expanded color palette, we created an updated logo and graphic elements to differentiate between the three different burgers.

The project was a blast. Congratulations to the team: Tom, Adam, Dan, Heather and Bill for making the process so much fun and such great work.

Everyone in the Omaha area, go pick some burgers up for yourselves. Please go back often to buy more and more. We’d love to work with Blue Planet again in the future, so start eating!

Be sure to check out all the details of this great project: Blue Planet Natural Grillers


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