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Wheelhouse Collective

From the Desk of the Intern

When I first met Cathy I was (still am) in a time of career transition. I was in classes at Metro and exploring the possibility of a creative career path. I had a lot to learn, still do, and Cathy very graciously welcomed me into the fold. I can’t tell you how glad I am that she did.

We hit the ground running. Our main goal, to get Wheelhouse Collective up and running, was an incredible opportunity. I was immediately immersed in the details of what it means to gather and prepare all the pieces and parts necessary for a new website. It was exactly the practical experience I was searching for. I loved my classes but I was having a hard time grasping how the design went from a file on a computer to something that lived in a real way out in the world. Over the weeks we worked in Photoshop, edited copy, strategized presentation of the projects, built out designs in illustrator, observed photo shoots and wrestled with social media. The day it all came together and the Wheelhouse site finally went live was such a thrill.

It didn’t stop there. In addition to practical print and production nuggets of knowledge, I got invaluable exposure to the whole design process in action. As I prepared images in Photoshop, Cathy would twist her computer screen towards me or call me over to take a look and talk me through logos, project proposals or whatever the work at hand happened to be at the moment. Every time I was in the office I was working but I was learning even more. It sounds cheesy but really, so much learning of all kinds. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve exclaimed, “well THAT changes everything!” after yet another Adobe secret shortcut revelation or being taught a new method of creation (like making textures using a copy machine!).


The first time I was given a flyer to design I was nervous and unsure but excited to give it a go. I passed it on to Cathy and took off for the day. The next morning Cathy showed another design option and we discussed both versions, what was different and why. I was so impacted and empowered by that moment. It confirmed for me that Wheelhouse would be a place where I would be challenged to grow and excel.

Of course, the knowledge and experience I have gained has not been exclusively design related. Since starting here I have gained skills as a puppy trainer (move overdog whisperer!), I have been introduced to my podcast soul sister (Linda Holmes of Pop Culture Happy Hour!), and have been able observe strong, confident, independent professionals at work (just to name a few…).

My time as an intern at Wheelhouse has truly been more enriching than I could have ever imagined and I am beyond thankful to Cathy and all the amazing Wheelhouse creatives that I have been able to observe and learn from duringthis time. It has been such an honor to be a part of the Wheelhouse crew. Here’s to good design & positive change for many more years to come—cheers!


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