Good Design. Positive Change.
Wheelhouse Collective

Welcome to Wheelhouse Collective

Hello World! Cathy here, to tell you all about what’s new. It has been an incredible five years working as Cathy Solarana Design. The projects I’ve been able to work on and the people who have been a part of the collaborations have been an inspiration and a major catalyst for continued growth. This connection to collaboration, coupled with a desire to work even more in depth with clients who are making an impact in the world, has brought me to where we are now. Cathy Solarana Design has rebranded and is now Wheelhouse Collective.

Welcome to Wheelhouse Collective
Good Design. Positive Change.

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We’re beyond excited to finally say—well, actually type—that outloud! Wheelhouse has been in the works for more than a year, and we’re thrilled to launch this new presence into the world. We believe the new name and structure better reflect how we actually work—as a group of talented creative experts in their respective fields, working together to solve problems. We search for and see the global perspective—and we translate those ideas in new and innovative ways of communicating. We truly believe that “it takes a village” and we assemble teams of people who feel the same way. We already have a core group of experts who are dedicated to excellence in their respective jobs—copywriting, strategy, photography, developing, coding, and illustrating—and who are committed to collaboration. Together we believe we will be equipped to create ingenious design solutions for your organization.

Wheelhouse is a brand design firm with a passion for making a difference in the world through collaboration, strategic thinking and smart design solutions. We help our clients tell their unique stories that inspire, transform and make a positive impact. Good Design. Positive Change.

The process that brought us here has been a labor of love and we couldn’t have done it without the amazing skills and patience of these following talented people: Daphne for your vision and ability to beautifully craft thoughts into clear communications that have depth and personality; Dave, for your eye for the details, mega amounts of patience and mad design skills; Scott for your sheer brilliance and “Edward Scissorhands” ability to code and program like nobody’s business; Madison for all the tech support; Bob for your vast talents behind the lens; Randall for your sage advice and sweet naming abilities, Monica for your innate ability to jump in and do all the crazy things we have asked you to like: organize the site images, copywriting, hours of Photoshop, all things social media, and, of course, train the puppy; Stefan for your humor and in depth business and branding counseling; Bill for your incredible photographic skills and mighty flexibility with all the very last minute shots for the site; Hayley and Maya for all your continued support. I can’t say thank you enough.

Wheelhouse believes working with like-minded people, people who want to make a difference, an impact, is inspirational and energizing. We know we can make anything happen.

Let’s get started.


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