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Need Brand Therapy?

Here’s how to know…
• If you’re having difficulty being heard and listened to by clients, you need brand therapy.
• If you feel like a vendor rather than a strategic partner, you need brand therapy.
• If you feel like the client is taking over, not listening to what you have to say or trusting your expertise, you need brand therapy.
• If it’s hard to get your clients’ attention, you need brand therapy.
• If it’s hard to get buy-in, you need brand therapy.

The next Brand Therapy Workshop starts on Thursday, January 21, 2016 for 4 weeks.

Brand Therapy is an empathic approach to communication that allows those in the creative industry to strengthen their client relationships through the use of common sense, understanding and listening.

This is exactly why I developed the workshop, to help creatives that are in search of practical and concrete solutions establish a plan they can employ in their day-to-day challenges of working with others, whether it’s a client, a boss or a work partner.

Brand Therapy is really for anyone and everyone who is creative and you know, human.

“The most impactful thing I took away from the workshop was how to be more of an active listener. I learned the importance of adjusting how and what I communicate based on the needs and personality of my audience. I have been utilizing these techniques and they have been really helpful.” — Roxanne

The Format
The workshop consists of 4- 1 hour group calls beginning on Jan 21, 2016. Here’s what we’ll cover in each call. These 4 hours will transform your client relationships. Details on the Workshop can be found here.

Call 1: Project planning for Success
Call 2: How to communicate with clients so they truly listen
Call 3: Presenting creative work for easy buy-in
Call 4: Dealing with tough personalities

What you’ll come away with
• Tools and strategies to deepen your client relationships and create loyalty (so they keep coming back for more and only want to work with you)
• Improved confidence in the client relationship where you’re in the driver’s seat, so you gain more respect.
• Tips to help you communicated for the kind of outcomes you want so you can get a better result for your clients.

Space is Limited for the January 21st Session.
Sign up today.

• The price will be going up to $497, but if you register by January 12th, it’s only $250.
• Invite a friend or colleague and register 2 for $399

Workshop Options

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